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Who Is BTS?: Your Guide To The Famous Boyband

If your kids have been talking about BTS nonstop, you’re certainly not alone. This Korean boyband is tremendously popular right now. The band, which performs in both English and Korean, has fans all over the world. Here are a few of the things you should know about BTS.

They’re A K-Pop Band

You shouldn’t expect BTS to sound like the boybands you listened to in your youth. This band falls into the K-Pop genre. While this is an offshoot of the pop music genre, there are a lot of discernable differences in the way these songs are produced.

If you listen to some of their most popular songs, you’ll notice that they have a lot of very catchy tunes. Their songs also contain a lot of harmonies. Their music is a lot of fun to listen to, and it’s even more fun to sing along with.

There Are 7 Members

This band has 7 members in total, which makes it easier for the band to pull off more complex harmonies. Like most boybands, all of the members are male. Most fans have a favorite BTS member. Every member of the band has their own devoted fan base.

The members of BTS are Jungkook, Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, Suga, and RM. As you might expect, these are stage names and not the real names of the band members. Every guy has his own sense of style and brings something different to the group. For example, Jungkook is the leader of the group and is known for his dancing skills.

Why Does BTS Have International Popularity?

A lot of Korean bands never manage to develop a following outside of their home country. What makes BTS different? One of the secrets to their worldwide success is their huge social media following. Because they have so many devoted fans on sites like Twitter, people from all over the world are exposed to their music.

Of course, just being exposed to a band isn’t enough to win people over. The band has also managed to get to where they are today because of their talent. They’ve worked hard to create music that can appeal to many different groups of people.

Seeing BTS Live

Korean fans aren’t the only ones that get to attend BTS concerts. The band is popular enough to go on tours all over the globe. Recently, they announced their Love Yourself world tour. This tour includes plenty of dates in the United States.

American fans that want to see BTS live might have to be patient, but the band does tour internationally from time to time. If there are no tour dates in your area, the band has a lot of live music performances on YouTube.

Now that you know who BTS is, you can take a closer look at them and even purchase their BTS merch. Find out what these Korean superstars are all about. Listen to some of their hit songs, and check out some of their most popular music videos. See if this is an act that appeals to you.

What Is Kpop?

Kpop is a modern form of South Korean pop music. It is influenced by many international genres including western rock and pop music, jazz, Latin, gospel, R&B, hip-hop, electronic dance, country, and folk. It does, however, have its routes in traditional Korean music. Besides South Korea, it is very popular in Japan and China, but over the past two decades, it has started to become extremely popular in places like the USA, Australia, and the UK.

Many people would say that YouTube has been instrumental in helping to promote kpop to an international audience. If you go onto the video-sharing website and search for music videos from the top bands in South Korea, you will see that many of them have billions of views.

Another way in which many people first get introduced to kpop is through kdrama. Surprisingly kdrama has become very popular in English speaking countries thanks to streaming websites like Viki, DramaFever, and Gooddrama. These sites contain all the latest episodes of top drama series from South Korea and they all have verified English subtitles. Many of these dramas have soundtracks that contain songs from popular kpop artists. So, when people are watching their favorite drama and a song they like to start playing, they use the web to find out who the kpop artist is.

One of the things that sets kpop apart from pop music in countries like the US, Germany and the UK is that just about all of the groups complete elaborate professional dance routines while performing. In fact, members of the best groups have to spend several years in dance training if they want to have any hope of entering the industry regardless of how good they are at singing. Many parents in South Korea pay for their children to go to dance school from a very young age.

If you want to see how impressive some of the kpop dance routines are, just check out some of the footage from live concerts online. Even better, if you can afford tickets, you could consider attending a concert in Korea to see the dance routines in person. Bands often tour around the world, so it’s possible some of your favorite kpop groups might be performing in an arena in your home country.

A great thing about many kpop groups is that the hold regular meetups with their fans. During these meetups, fans get various items, such as CDS, books, and t-shirts signed. In addition, there is often a time for fans to take photos with their favorite members and have a quick conversation. However, there is always a lot of competition between fans and many have to queue for hours to get the best seats.

Some of the most popular kpop groups at the moment include BTS, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and Super Junior. BTS has been around since 2013 and they are a seven-member boy band. Some of their most famous hits include FAKE LOVE, Fire, I NEED U, Save Me and Blood Sweat & Tears. You can also find shop their kpop merchandise online by doing a simple search in the search engines.

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